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Time:07:21 pm
OK so yall all probably know that austin & alyssa are doing a show at their school right now. its bye bye birdie. its on thursday friday and saturday at 7. does anyone wanna go with me on thursday??? cause i think thats the only day i can.

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Subject:happy new year! '06!!!!
Time:04:09 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com Image hosted by Photobucket.com <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 I LOVE YALL <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
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Time:09:38 pm
Memories of 2005

If you are reading this, leave one memory of you and me together as a comment. It doesn't matter if I know you a little or a lot, anything you remember. Next, repost this bulletin and see how many people leave a memory about you. It's actually pretty cool to see the responses...
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Subject:im soo bored
Time:08:17 pm
Current Mood:confusedconfused
List 20 people you know in no particular order: and don't look below...
im gonna do basically all ka people cause yall are like the only ones that have lj. lol
1. grace
2. kelsey
3. alyssa
4. dakota
5. austin
6. brian
7. jharryia
8. andrea
9. stazie
10. zoe
11. christy
12. tim (lol)
13. amanda
14. adrian
15. tyger
16. bowman
17. lauren v.
18. mickayla
19. brianna
20. lizzy

How did you meet 13?
kids acting!!! haha grease=life

What would you do if you never met 5?
oh jeeze my life would be incomplete without austin!

Have you ever REALLY liked 3?
yes i LOVE her!!!

What do you honestly think of 10?
she's an AMAZING girl. and i really miss her. last time i saw her was i think when we went and saw charlie and the chocolate factory. and she kept randomly saying "i like grapes" because the old woman had said that at the begining of the movie. ooomg i love zoe.

Would or did 19 and 8 go out?

If 1 died tomorrow, what is one thing that you would need them to know?
omg. i cant even imagine my life without her. i'd have to tell her that i love her soo much and she brought me into the group im in now with ka. thanks to us living in westlake together. i can't live without her. she has changed me as a person. she can always ask me for anything and she knows it. i would miss all our crazy times together. GRACE YOU BETTER NOT EVER LEAVE ME!!!!!!

Would 2 and 18 make a good couple?

Describe 7 in 3 words:
funny, beautiful, amazing

Do you think 12 is hot?

Would 14 and 17 ever go out?

What do you think when you see 16?
uhh? idk...that i never see bowman anymore?

Tell me something funny about 11.
she had to cry in cinderella. and it was a ridiculously stupid idea.
good times?

Do you know any of 6's family members?

What's 20's favorite color?

On a scale of 1-10 how cute is 19?

What would you do if 4 just professed their undying love for you?
well that'd be a little weird..... but of course me and dakota are in love....yall all know that...hahah

Who is 9 going out with?
no one i dont think but then again i havn't talked to her in FOREVER

Does 2 have any siblings?

Would you ever date 7?
no sorry jharryia. lol

Is 15 single?
i think so...i have no clue

What is 10's fantasy?
probably being able to date 20 guys at once and none of them finding out. lol.

Where does 13 live?
austin. i think she lives on lake travis...?

Would you make out with 9?

How did you meet 15?
kids acting!!! wss!!!

When was the last time you talked to 20?
uhh i said hi to her in the hall the other day.

What is 3's favorite band/artist?

Does 6 have any pets?

Does 11 have children?

Is 5 a virgin?
uh i think so...haha

Have you ever had a crush on 1?
no. lol

What is number 2's middle name?
i think its marie. but i might be completly wrong. but for some reason i think its marie. lol.

Where is 18 right now?
out partying. haha idk

yeah the end. im bored. BUT I GOT TO SEE ALYSSA TODAY!!!!!!!! OMG I MISSED HER SO MUCH!!!!! ACTUALLY I MISS ALL OF YALL!!!!! but yeah we went to the mall and shopped! whoo! yay. things with chris aren't so great. he like completly ignored me the first day we saw eachother after we broke up. which is screwed up because HE broke up with ME. but III made an effort to talk to him. i pretended like we never went out and were still just friends. its getting better. we're talking now. but its not the same. of course i knew it wouldn't be and might never be again. hopefully it will be. the thing that sucks the most is even after what he did to me i still like him. not as much. but i do. quite a bit. but im getting over him. right now i just really want to be friends with him. but im not sure he wants to be. he said he did the night he broke up with me. but he doesn't act like it. UGHH. but all my friends have been a HUGE help. especially the guys. cause idk its different when you talk to a guy about it and they make you feel better b/c the girls help to but its not the same b/c you know they'd say that kinda thing. its actually coming from a guy that could have been in chris' place. like i had a really helpful talk with this one guy that im KINDA starting to like but im still getting over chris so its hard to say. but he was really nice about it and was like wow what a dumbass thats so wrong blah blah and its just different when its coming from a guy....you know? maybe not. it makes since in my head. lol. anyway thats my drama. wonderful huh? lol. im going to my ranch tomorrow with caitie. for a fish fry? yeah we are gonna fish. it should be really interesting. hahaha. I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!
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Current Music:U Got Me
Subject:the boat!
Time:01:54 pm
Current Mood:amusedamused

our boating pictures!Collapse )

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Subject:love boat pictures
Time:02:22 pm

YAYYYYYYY STAZIE YOU DID SO GOOD IN LOVE BOAT!!! i had so much fun! soo the same group of us always go to peoples plays. lol. ANYway here are the 3 pictures i took.


*gasp!* andrea is smiling again!! lol.

fun stuff.

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Time:01:25 pm

hey so im just doing this so yall can have the pics from my camera so only grace zoe andrea and kelsey can see this post sooo yeah here they are...yall can do whatever you want w/ them! oh by the way  it was SO much fun going to the makeover and movies and pool and batboy(which was AWESOME) with yall!!! <3 <3

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Subject:andrea wrote this
Time:06:47 pm
Current Mood:shockedshocked
Yeah, so we went to the movies. we bought rings in the 25 cents machine. the movie was war of the worlds. it was really jumpy. we ate. andrea hit a baby when she tried to pop off the cap to the ring thingy. andrea almost stole a phone cover. alyssa looked for phone covers. she didn't buy a phone cover. austin broke the chair. kristyn littered. kristyn's dog needs a hair cut.
-andrea & kristyn-
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Subject:hello texas!
Time:01:04 pm
Current Mood:excitedexcited


ahh im so excited!!!!

yall need to call me right now because i havn't seen anyone in a month and i miss everyone SO MUCH!!

im going to camp from july 10-16 but after that im free so call me!!!


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Time:08:54 pm
Current Mood:sadsad
andrea spent the night yesterday. it was soo much fun. we watched b cast of wss and made fun of ourselves and called austin and played his song for him. and had lots of memories of wss and want to do that show again sooo badly. and called dakota and pretended like we weren't there. and he told us to die. and then his friend kept calling us back. so we finally just ended up talking to his friend nathan for like an hour...yeah that was interesting. and we played...well TRIED to play grand theft auto san andreas and we defienatly didn't know what we were doing. and we died alot. any way it was alot of fun. and today we went to frisco's and 7 11 with grace before hand. haha lots of fun there too. and running across the street. yeah we are so cool. and kids acting wasn't as bad as i thought it would be. and yeahhh.
school is almost out. and im having lots of mixed emotions. AHHH. MY LIFE IS SO FREAKING CONFUSING. oh well. :)
cinderella is in two weeks. yikes.
and i leave for europe in two weeks. and leave all of my friends for a month. ahh. :( .
sister hood of the traveling pants movie comes out on June 3 and im SO excited.


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